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Putting the Logic in Logistics

Whether by land, sea or air our collective years of experience and cutting-edge technology ensure that whatever you need delivered will get there in the most timely, efficient and cost effective method possible

Melbourne Shipping

With our vast experience of global air freight, we provide an exceptional service at truly competitive rates.
If you require specific delivery dates we can advise on the most efficient solution, and if you’re on a tight schedule we utilise our partnerships with both dedicated commercial and charter flight companies to get the job done.

With our “know how” on global compliance and documentation required for even the most difficult markets we are not just your logistics service provider but also your supply chain partner.

Fast Dex Servicesistics offers the total logistic solution for all your road freight requirements.
With a comprehensive range of vehicles and specialist transport facilities we can fulfil domestic and international haulage expertly and at exceptional pricing.
We are known to be specialists in hanging garment transport, covering not only transport but import/export documentation, support with picking and packing and even warehousing.
Timing is everything in business and our team of dedicated professionals will schedule the fastest routes to get the goods there on time every time.

We like to think we offer a total bespoke service for all your sea going freight. Whatever size container you need, or even if you don’t require a full container, we can accommodate you anywhere in the world. If it’s manufacturing plant, automotive or hanging garments we can deliver. Offering you real time tracking, customs clearance, completed documentation or even letters of credit, Space Delivery tailor our service to suit you.

Using our world-wide courier service means you can make the promises and we deliver on them.
Our team of experts have the knowledge and the expertise to provide an unequalled service to anywhere on the globe.
Our partnerships with companies such as DHL, UPS and TNT means we are an important account holder, enabling us to offer cost savings of up to 70% to our customers.
You will have the ability to track your parcels door to door as they travel safely and efficiently from collection to destination.

The last thing any busy importer or exporter needs is a problem with their custom declarations and clearances.
We know how important it is that your goods are cleared in a timely and correct manner. Our teams of senior managers are experts in all processes required to export to any country in the world, and equally how important it is to have your imports with you to meet your timelines.
Now that UK is no longer part of the European Union it is more important than ever to ensure the complications of international tariffs can be successfully negotiated.

With a growing demand for more cost effective and eco efficient solutions, Fast Dex Servicesistics offer a regular service from China to Europe and UK mainland Rail solution for its customers across most verticals, with a 3+ weeks transit time to Europe.
We know how important it is that your goods are cleared in a timely and correct manner. Our teams of senior managers are experts in all processes required to export to any country in the world, and equally how important it is to have your imports with you to meet your timelines.
The advantages of this mode include: Faster than Ocean freight, considerably cheaper that airfreight, reduced CO2 emissions, limited impact from fuel price fluctuations, multiple trains per week, single wagons or block train, late mile delivery to the UK, various ITU’s available, door to door security, end to end Network

With global warehousing locations in the UK, Middle East and South Asia Fast Dex Servicesistics can provided Supply Chain Solutions across the spectrum of industrial verticals. Demands for simple storage can be accommodated but more complex requirements and processes can be supported by our experienced teams. Over the years we have developed long-term relationships with our customers and adapted new processes according to the customer’s changing needs.
With Logistic Centres of Excellence across the globe, Space Delivery can fulfil all your Industrial and Retail requirements.

Fast Dex Servicesistics design e-Commerce supply chain processes through a dedicated team using proven and state-of-the-art solution methodology.
Providing small, light consumer goods with the correct fulfilment solution.
Focusing on international brands and SME’s that require a flexible, reactive and cost-effective provider.

Providing multiple services including: Warehousing, B2B B2C, Rework / Finishing, Labelling / Re-labelling, Boxed / Hanging, Garments, Re-Pack, Pick / Pack, Container Operations and Global Dispatch.
Fast Dex Servicesistics offer a robust WMS system that accommodates and provides the customer with the choice of API, CSV or Customer Portal access options. The ability of our single platform to integrate and communicate across multiple platforms and systems allows greater simplification and flexibility to the customer.

Sea Freight


With unparalleled supply chain management, we can ship globally offering a door to door service for major plant, full containers and shared container loads. We will prepare freight documentation, customs clearance and so much more. Whatever your shipping needs are we have the solution.

Air Freight


You may need it there tomorrow or on a date of your choice, either way our air freight specialists will have the perfect solution for you. Our long-term relationships with major international airlines ensure that you get the best possible service at the best possible price.

Road Freight


Time is of the essence in business and with our team of land transportation specialists we can ensure that your deliveries will be on time, every time. We can deal with part or full loads with our extensive network of vehicles and special transport facilities catering for domestic or international road freight at truly competitive pricing.



We can offer an unbeatable service for your international courier requirements. Not only can we advise on the quickest and most efficient solutions but our longstanding relations with many major international courier firms means we can often arrange substantial savings for our clients.

Why you should trust us?

With more than 30 years of experience in the logistics industry, we have proven to our numerous clients times without number how efficient and trustworthy we are

Customer Satisfaction Tool

Our customers are our top priorities and we ensure that all logistics are put in place to guarantee this.

Management and Reporting

You don’t have to worry about the little things, we provide full management and reports for each and every order.

Freight Payment Solutions

Never worry about international currencies or conversion. We provide easy payment solutions anywhere in the world.

Our Commitment

We are committed to be the leading logistic solutions provider to our customers and clients worldwide. We are continually improving & implementing a quality management scheme to achieve it.

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Consistently reliable in an ever-changing world.
Our dedicated team of industry professionals and our constant investment in disruptive technology ensures that your deliveries arrive on time, every time.

Whatever your requirements, we will provide the most effective solution


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